Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bloggy Bloggy Blah Blah (or Why in the heck are you doing this????)

Well, I have stuff to post that doesn't fit into 140 character Twitter feeds and isn't always appropriate for Facebook soundbites. What is an overscheduled mom to do? Well apparently there is this new fangled techno-nonsense called blogging. Actually it is practically vintage, I am just a few years behind the curve. What can I say, I have procrastinated for a while. Yeah, I have the 8 kids card, and I will be pulling it out and using it...a lot. I am a big proponent of playing the hand you've been given, so that is my excuse and let's move on.

 The blog will have multiple "topics" and series within it. The people who know what they are doing, (or at lease fake it well enough that I am following their direction) say I need to blog about something I am passionate about in order for this blog to last more than a week. Well, daaaang. I am passionate about a lot. So I have mocked some key areas out on the back of a {currently being used for phone bills} manilla file folder (seriously, does anyone else have a huge issue with finding a notebook to write in when you need it? It is an enormous issue for me.) Among them are Servant Hearts (Faith in Action), Delicious Super Easy Food, Health and Feeling Good, Vegan/Vegetarianism (and how to trick your kids into eating well), Homeschooling, Family Shenanigans, Financial Stewardship, Large Family Logistics (or the survival guide to parenting many), Running a business, Party Planning, and Apps, Blogging & Design Love.

 Within each of the topics, I will post random tips and invite guest bloggers to share their wisdom and humor, as well as ongoing post series. The common theme among them all will be a slight quirkiness and those tongue in cheek observational patterns you have all come to know and tolerate with in my facebook ramblings. If you are a friend of mine in person, you may even be surprised that they are a little more coherent and less fragmented than actuallly having a conversation with me, because I am able to prepare my posts before my house wakes up in the presence of just my precious coffee.
^^^ Not as creepy as it sounds... 

 In any event, I am excited for this new and fun way to put my brain into words. There's a lot in there and it sometimes gets crowded and lonely. Thanks again for being here!

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