Friday, January 10, 2014





On January 10th, I, Veggie Mama, mother of many, began a challenge that heretofore and forevermore will be referred to as Victory 101. Basically what's going to go down is this; for the next 101 days, I am committing myself to optimizing my health and strength. It is my swan song, and the culmination of a 16 year journey that began with a very sick and tired 20 year old who couldn't even stand up for the time my kids played in the park and knew nothing about nutrition or how to fuel my body.
So learn I did, mostly in straight-up Hard Knock University. Yeah, I know I'm not the only one. Luckily I did, a because if I hadn't, I would not be here sipping my organic coffee and telling the tale. Of that, I am totally convinced. I would have long ago been cold in my grave. As it is, keeping up with our crazy blessed days is challenging enough in good health. That being said, I challenged myself to better health. Truly the best health of my life. Because I know it is there for the getting. So I'm gonna' get me some of that!
Along the way, I will be blogging it up. I hope to include status updates, encouragement, for myself and anyone else that might be along for the ride (even if it's only you, Ma). I hope that anything I may post up will be of use to someone, somewhere.


The terms of the challenge:

For the next 101 days I will be
eating a 100% Vegan Diet, and as organic as I can manage.
Why is this a big deal? Because, while I am a long time vegetarian and most of what we eat is organic, I have never gone fully vegan. I have done a lot of discovering about the statistics on how healthy a fully vegan diet can be. I feel like this will maximize my nutrient intake and minimize non nutrient calories in my diet.
I will be concentrating most of my diet on a whole food (meaning un-processed and in it's natural form), plant based, diet. Because I am such a hardcore cheeser and egger, I will be using tofu and cheese substitutes, but I hope to phase them out as I go through the challenge.
Some of the hardest things to overcome for me that I enjoy (maybe a little too much) as a vegetarian, but that are not part of a vegan eating plan are: hard cheese, eggs, half & half in my coffee, sour cream, and cottage cheese. The fact is, when my husband and I started dating, he came over to my house one day, happened to get in the refrigerator, and kind of froze. When I asked what he was doing, he held up a finger to say "hold on". When he brought his head back out, the look on his face was complete astonishment. "You have 17 different kinds of cheese in there!" Well, obviously, it wasn't a deal breaker, but he still makes fun of my love of all things cheesy.
intentionally building my strength.
So I'm the kinda kid who will do 2 hours of cardio, but take one look at the weights and nautilus equipment and go into a cold sweat, leaving quickly before anyone recognizes the fear and confusion. Understanding that, it is not shocking to learn that I have the strength of a wet noodle. So I guess lifting my coffee cup all these years has had no affect on my guns. My back has pathetically gotten to the point where I wake up in agony multiple times a week. Who knew having a truckload of kids would weaken your core? Okay, yeah, everybody.
So, now I have a pal with the patience to walk me through it like I'm six years old, which is exactly what I needed to avoid looking like this:
I am committing to working out 5 days a week for the challenge.
So that is basically it. I am looking forward to focusing on my health and getting to a better place with my health. I really believe that 2014 is my year.


  1. How's the working out going puddin? I'm so proud of what you're doing!

  2. Trucking along! Getting ready to put up the 2 week update tomorrow!